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testimonialsI started yoga about 10 years ago, in my early 50’s.  My first teacher was Esther Vexler, who also started yoga at an older age.  She was teaching me in her 90’s!!!!  Esther is well known in San Antonio.  She is a gem of a teacher!  My second teacher, Deborah Charnes, is another gem!  She is such an able teacher.  She provides what you want from a teacher: encouragement, knowledge, tolerance, and her own yoga expertise.  She provides words of wisdom with every class.  She can teach very basic, gentle yoga all the way up to advanced yoga and speaks Spanish beautifully.  I always feel a lot of accomplishment in my yoga class.
-RB, private yoga therapy and group exercise student 

Yoga Therapy with The Namaste Counsel End of Year Specials.

Bedroom Bliss.

First, wind down the year with deep relaxation. Now, one-hour virtual Yoga Nidra is available for just $45. Treat yourself to Yoga Therapy with the Namaste Counsel. Plus, invite your partner or family member. Two for the price of one. And, from the comfort of your own home. 

All you need to do is lie down and listen to The Namaste Counsel’s guided meditations. It’s a great deep relaxation for all. For example, MD Anderson includes Yoga Nidra for its cancer patients. And, Yoga Nidra is frequently used by the military to counteract PTSD, anxiety, depression and even addictions. Plus, it has been proven to be effective among people incarcerated in India and the U.S.

Read more about Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy with The Namaste Counsel on my blog spot.   

Peace Within.

Second, take advantage of Lifestyle Management Yoga Therapy with The Namaste Counsel. Virtual counseling sessions are based on learnings from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and approaches from Integrative MDs.  

Now, one-hour virtual lifestyle management sessions build off The Namaste Counsel’s signature workshops. The Tummy Bust, Gutsy Yoga and The Sugar Drop all focus on lighting the fire within. Ignite the fire inside the digestive track, which rules much of our well being.

Moreover, manage stress. Chronic, traumatic, or historic stress affect our physical well being. We can’t have optimal health and wellness until we release emotional issues. And, Yoga Therapy is good for body, mind and soul, based on addressing root causes. No band-aids or quick weight loss schemes. Skip pills, powders or other fads. Rather, find the peace within. Just $45 per session. Read more.


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