testimonialsI started yoga about 10 years ago, in my early 50’s.  My first teacher was Esther Vexler, who also started yoga at an older age.  She was teaching me in her 90’s!!!!  Esther is well known in San Antonio.  She is a gem of a teacher!  My second teacher, Deborah Charnes, is another gem!  She is such an able teacher.  She provides what you want from a teacher: encouragement, knowledge, tolerance, and her own yoga expertise.  She provides words of wisdom with every class.  She can teach very basic, gentle yoga all the way up to advanced yoga and speaks Spanish beautifully.  I always feel a lot of accomplishment in my yoga class.
-RB, private yoga therapy and group exercise student 

yoga workshops San Antonio

Most of us don’t give our selves enough self-care. During the month of February, love yourself, as well as others. Treat yourself, and others, to any of the Fab Feb Workshops.

February 19 will be all about self-care. Sink into restorative yoga poses, as you listen to readings by Marianne Williamson and Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, about the power of forgiveness, and self-love.  

February 26 will include mandala making and heart opening exercises. It is ideal for anyone with high blood pressure, or those wanting heart healthy tips. Bring a friend, family member or your partner for two-some yoga stretches and balances. 

90-minute sessions include treats from Munch On and Beyond. RSVP by the Friday prior, and pay for one person ($45 each session) and get second person for just $25 more. ***



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