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testimonialsI had been practicing yoga off and on for two years when I walked into Deborah Charnes’ class. What I difference. I have learned so much from her.  She is a true teacher, ready to not only instruct a class, but to impart knowledge. To her, yoga is not just physical but also mental.  She truly embodies the entire philosophy and enjoys imparting her expertise.  She also knows how to make a practice fun, by showing you different yoga styles in addition to practicing to music from different genres.  I learned a lot during the Yin yoga practices.  The challenge of holding poses is worth the experience, plus I enjoyed learning the philosophy behind Yin yoga. In times of stress I find myself going back to something Deborah has talked about in class because I can almost hear her in my head leading me through a guided meditation.  Deborah is the model I use to gauge my yoga instructors.

KB, group exercise client

May 4, 2015

yoga therapy at The Namaste Counsel

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