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testimonialsI am 59 years old and feel like I am a young 10-year-old learning a wonderful new experience. I truly appreciate Deborah sharing what she knows as I feel it has really helped me. 
LG, Therapeutic Yoga student

*** As one of the few Certified Yoga Therapists in South Texas, Mexico and Central America, Deborah Charnes offers virtual lifestyle management coaching. Sessions pull from her signature integrative therapeutic workshops designed for people with high blood sugar, digestive disorders and/or weight management concerns. Through December, virtual sessions in English or Spanish will be offered for just $45 each. Read more about yoga for diabetes, digestive disorders or weight management.  ***

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Yoga therapy is the perfect antidote to the hectic, on-the-go lifestyle that most of us experience. 

Meditation and deep breathing have proven physical benefits, while asanas or what westerners refer to as “yoga” is often recommended by doctors. As a result, The Namaste Counsel customizes sessions and workshops for kids, adults and seniors based on modern medicine and the ancient teachings.

Yoga and Yoga Therapy is for Everyone.

Men and women.  Athletes.  Students. Execs.

Folks recovering from back injuries, or struggling with arthritis.





GI issues.


These are just a sampling of the areas of focus at The Namaste Counsel.

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