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Lives Transformed Through Yoga

Most people think of yoga as a very private and quiet activity. Yogis typically perform their sequence of postures in tranquility, behind closed doors. That won’t be the case March 14-16 at the 2014 USA Yoga National Championship, when more than 200 highly skilled yogis representing 36 states will gather at San Antonio’s historic Aztec […]

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Yogis in the Spotlight for National Competition

Yogis in the house, tell the truth.  You may be used to sweating and breathing up close and personal next to a hundred fellow yogis on their sticky mats. But how about a string of 150-200 yogis, one yogi at a time,  and 1500  onlookers? Most yoga studios have a special energy.  The  OM and Namaste […]

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Krisha Das: Singing and Living From the Heart

Many years ago, in India, Krishna Das came upon a wise old man that could tell the future. He told the kid from Long Island that one day he’d be famous.  Krishna Das immediately, added, “and rich?” to which the saddhu simply replied. “Famous.”   After some 50 years of playing music, Krishna Das finally […]

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What’s it all about, Patanjali?

We are one. An ever continuum or wave of energy, Mind, body, and spirit. Sympathetic and parasympathetic. Body and soul. Heaven and earth. Life and death. Appearance and disappearance. Spring and fall. Sow and reap. We are One Likewise, we cannot heal physical symptoms without addressing the whole.  An aspirin may temporarily reduce pain, but […]

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Come Together without I Me Mine

The Beatles made an indelible mark on the music scene. Their passion for Eastern philosophies and Hindustani music was more subtle but ultimately groundbreaking for the Western world. Spiritual counselor, teacher, and ordained interfaith minister, Phillip Goldberg, in his book, “American Veda,” delves into the history of the ancient Vedic scriptures as they resurfaced among […]

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Disconnect from the Haze and Daze

Most of us lead a fast-paced life. Our smartphones are on our bodies. We cart an iPad or smart notebook everywhere. Many are weighed down, physically and mentally by the constant connection with gadgets. Connections to inanimate objects cause stress, and stress is a major factor for disease. We are constantly “checking in,” “following,” “liking,” […]

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The Magic, and Science, of Mantras

Chanting is magical for many, and Deva Premal and Miten have been conduits for this meditative practice for decades. Their concerts and best-selling recordings have introduced millions across the globe to the joy and deep relaxation found in spiritually-based songs and chanting mantras. They have even shared their style of devotional music with the Dalai […]

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“Weapons of Mass Destruction” at the Mall or Big Box Store

Everything’s bigger and better in South Texas, right? We have the biggest cars and trucks. Those Minis, Smart cars, scooters, and motorcycles you see everywhere in Europe — and even Austin — are a rarity in San Antonio and Hill Country. “Stuff” is Insignificant Most of us have two-car garages, fenced-in yards big enough for […]

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Hanging Out, Down Low

In my yoga classes, I frequently have my students hang out in the squat, malasana, for a while, and then invite them to work their way into kakasana, or the crane pose. I use malasana as a starting point for kakasana, to help keep form and facilitate getting into the more challenging pose.  But the […]

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The Best Form of Intoxication is Healthy and Free

When The Beatles made their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, in 1964, it changed the lives of an entire generation. As the Beatles found enlightenment in India, the search for self-realization and yogic philosophies saved many young people from digging themselves deeper into a dark world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Back […]

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Do No Harm

Like most Sanskrit words, there is no simple translation for the word ahimsa. It’s not like casa means house, and petite is small. Ahimsa is one of the key rules, or mantras, in yogic teachings. The word is the first Yama in the ancient “Sutras” which are like Ten Commandments for yogis. Ahimsa Ahimsa is actually listed […]

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