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Tuning in...with or without music

For many years, my personal practice was silent, and with my eyes closed. My sacred yoga space was sealed around me, along with my eyelids.  The beats and rhythms I […]

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About Indian Music: The Raga

It was a rainy night on August 15, 1969. Ravi Shankar was on the stage at Woodstock. He made twanging sounds on his long-necked string instrument. The long and slow […]

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Asteya and Aparigraha -- Waste Not, Want Not

A man dies.  He is not ambushed. He is not the victim of terrorists. He is not in Iraq. He is in Arizona. He is at his place of work: Bullets […]

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Radhanath Swami at BhaktiFest

Radhanath Swami’s autobiography, “The Journey Home,” reads like a cross between “The Little Buddha” and “The Adventures of Indiana Jones.” His book has been turned into a feature film, with […]

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Krishna Das, the Kirtan Guru

Krishna Das was a rocker who stumbled upon Kirtan (devotional chanting) in 1970. He sold all his possessions and remained in the Himalayas until 1973. Following his guru’s guidance to […]

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Yoga for Diabetics

The City of San Antonio’s Metropolitan Health District reported, last year, that more than one in seven residents have been diagnosed with diabetes.  Among seniors in Bexar County, the figure […]

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The Yoga Sutras and Living Off the Grid

Living off the grid. I’d heard the expression, but I wasn’t really sure what it meant. I attended a lecture by a photographer who talked about living off the grid […]

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Yoga at Sea -- Bliss in Baja

Ananda means bliss. As an Aquarian, I feel a state of bliss when I hear the sound of the waves. Or, is that the reaction for all signs of the […]

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Yoga Therapy for Depression

Depression is Widespread Robin Williams, the man that brought immense joy and laughter to the world, was plagued by depression.  The National Institute of Mental Health acknowledges seven percent of […]

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Profile on a Yoga Studio Owner

When my daughter was a baby, I became an entrepreneur.  My husband and I opened up a tapas bar in South America. Even though it was his idea, and he […]

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Men of all Shapes and Sizes Practice Yoga

Men and Yoga. In India, this is the norm. I get a special pleasure seeing men in the States, of all ages and all shapes, doing yoga. In the U.S., […]

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Free Day of Yoga in San Antonio -- Finally

I’m a yoga addict. I don’t drink coffee, alcohol, or soda. I don’t smoke. I don’t gamble. But I’m an addict.  I gotta have several servings of yoga, each day. […]

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Somehow, in the I me mine world that we live, emotional and physical well being has escaped the vast majority. The Namaste Counsel encourages simple proven practices to live a healthier and happier life. Any time. Any where. By anyone.
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