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Yoga at Sea -- Bliss in Baja

Ananda means bliss. As an Aquarian, I feel a state of bliss when I hear the sound of the waves. Or, is that the reaction for all signs of the zodiac? When I don a snorkel mask, I inhale and exhale deeply and rhythmically which puts me in my zone — better than silent meditation. […]

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Yoga Therapy for Depression

Depression is Widespread Robin Williams, the man that brought immense joy and laughter to the world, was plagued by depression.  The National Institute of Mental Health acknowledges seven percent of American adults experience depression in any given year.  It can be a serious illness, that cannot be cured through comedic bursts. While those battling depression […]

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Profile on a Yoga Studio Owner

When my daughter was a baby, I became an entrepreneur.  My husband and I opened up a tapas bar in South America. Even though it was his idea, and he had a restaurant management background, I ran the place while he kept his day job. It was tough to make the business profitable, and I […]

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Men of all Shapes and Sizes Practice Yoga

Men and Yoga. In India, this is the norm. I get a special pleasure seeing men in the States, of all ages and all shapes, doing yoga. In the U.S., we have a stereotype of who is a yogi. I never thought I fit that stereotype. It took an older (than me–lol) man living at […]

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Free Day of Yoga in San Antonio -- Finally

I’m a yoga addict. I don’t drink coffee, alcohol, or soda. I don’t smoke. I don’t gamble. But I’m an addict.  I gotta have several servings of yoga, each day. If not, I feel like I’m a zombie. Yoga invigorates me. Yoga relaxes me. Yoga defines me. Yoga unites my MBS. Yoga is my Union. […]

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Yoga for Partners Nets Multiple Benefits

Most people understand that yoga is a personal practice. Now, there’s proof that it makes for good couples therapy. Michael Lee, the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, the primary school that integrates yoga for emotions and psychological wellbeing in America, has designed a yoga therapy program for couples. At a symposium for yoga therapists […]

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Meditation: Listen to Your Inner Silence

It’s My Own Private Beach. Never mind that Mexican law does not recognize private beach property. This is my own private beach.  Silence is golden.  Meditation is on auto-pilot. The snakes and mice are hiding. I think they only come out at night. In the one hour it takes me to walk here from my […]

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Yoga for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

They say that true yogis only sleep about four hours a night. I like to believe that, as it makes me think maybe I’m a real yogi. Truth is, I’ve been getting by just fine on four to six hours of z’s a night-long before I began dedicating myself to yoga. My sleep patterns may […]

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The Way Life Should Be. The Real Yoga.

Qué Linda Está La Mañana. That’s the start of an old song from Mexico. I say that today. Almost out loud. Before the sunrise.  Before the storm picks up again.  Before my power outage is restored. Before the cars slosh through the wet streets. I love the mañanas. They are so peaceful.  The Way Life Should […]

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Vegetarian Meals from Around the World

America is the land of opportunity, but for most of us, we overindulge in pretty much everything. Just one area is Americans’ consumption of protein and animal protein in particular. Americans’ intake of protein is twice the level of what most people around the world consume. We have created a society in which people think […]

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Julie Carmen Doubles as Yoga Therapist

It’s the dream of thousands to go to New York City or Hollywood and become a star. The entertainment world, for so many in our society, means glamour, money, recognition, and the pinnacle of success. It’s one of the toughest paths, and the lion’s share end up waiting tables, spending relentless hours on casting calls, […]

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Supermodel Anu Aggarwal Transforms Slum Kids' Lives with Yoga Therapy

In the western world, we tend to associate yoga with exercise. People go to a gym or a studio, and they often expect to sweat, stretch and strengthen their muscles. But yoga, in its original context, is more a way of life and ethics. Thousands of years ago, the sage, Patanjali, wrote about yoga.  In […]

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