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International Day of Yoga: Favorite Yoga Books

In 2015, the United Nations designated June 21 as International Day of Yoga (IDOY). I’ve supported IDOY every year. But, June 21, 2023, was special. I was in Washington, D.C. at the International Association of Yoga Therapists' convention to launch “From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram.” Before “Boxing Ring” (for which I won three […]

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International Day of Yoga: Favorite Yoga Music

Yoga in Silence, or to Favorite Yoga Music  When I attended yoga teacher training, many years ago, my two primary teachers encouraged us to carefully think about what music we would incorporate in our final “teach-in.” My gut reaction: none. Although I had a wide assortment of yoga styles and practices, my yogic roots only […]

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Yoga for Women's Health

Yoga for Women in Child-bearing Years New or soon-to-be moms, take note. Back in 1988, I didn’t have the opportunity to join a yoga for women's health, prenatal or postpartum class. Nor, did I know any yoga therapist. So I attended group hatha classes and simply adapted asanas (postures) to make space for my belly […]

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Four Dietary Tips for Earth Day

World Earth Day is April 22. Many years ago, as a corporate PR strategist in Miami, one client always participated in tree-planting ceremonies on Earth Day. But just like I believe we should give thanks every day versus just on Thanksgiving, I try to honor and respect the planet every day.  Yoga is not about […]

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Music for the Soul: A Rabbi Talks about Sacred Music

Bhakti and Beyond Bhakti is my favorite form of yoga. The yoga of devotion, Bhakti, is often expressed through mantra meditation, chanting holy names, or singing sacred songs in community (kirtan). A chapter in my book, From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram, reveals how and why Bhakti leads to blissfulness. Another chapter features wisdom from […]

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Power Movements in 2024

Vicki Iskandar created the beautiful newly released “The Chinese Five Elements Oracle” set. Since I incorporate elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), taoist movement and traditional Chinese exercises into my yoga therapy, I wanted to hear this Chinese metaphysics expert’s predictions for 2024.  We can all use some guidance for the future. Right? For those […]

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My First Guru

In the afterward of my book, From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram: Wisdom for Mind, Body and Spirit, I honor my 13th guru: my mom. If you have read to the end, please share your thoughts on any of my gurus, but especially the one that is dearest to me. If you don't have […]

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Nine Uplifting Gift Ideas

I’m a bookworm. Even before I could talk, I cherished sitting with my mom in her rocking chair as she read me stories. As a result of the constant contact with words, I could read long before kindergarden. After I left the corporate world, I relished my additional time for a good novel or biography. […]

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Vegan Holiday Picks

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I became vegetarian 50 years ago. What my mom said was a “phase” turned into a lifestyle gradually eliminating other foods as I learned more about health and nutrition. Now, I follow a vegan, gluten-free (mostly grain-free), low-glycemic diet. At age 65, I take zero meds […]

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The Power of Gratitude

Sometimes life can be a bitch. According to Eastern philosophies, suffering is inescapable but can be overcome. Regardless of what troubles envelop you, you have the power to live a happy, healthy life. Gratitude can help you get there. Feel thankful for all of life’s blessings.  What do you feel thankful for today? I give […]

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What Would Jesus Do?

Somewhere in Colombia, 2022. The Church Across from my Temple It was the height of a new Covid outbreak. I traveled to Colombia. Everyone, even in large parks and outdoor museums, was masked. With the exception of a small population of female working women. From the fifth-floor windows of the temple where I repeated my […]

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What Makes Me Tick: Healthy Living

Childhood Memories As a kid in Chicago during the '60s, when my parents went out with friends, we ate TV dinners. Those were pre-fab meals we popped in the oven (eons before microwaves) under brand names like Banquet. Nothing was worse than those frozen insipid vegetables like slimy string beans or waxy lima beans.    […]

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