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Yoga for Women's Health

new moms; mother and baby; prenatal and postpartumYoga for Women in Child-bearing Years

New or soon-to-be moms, take note. Back in 1988, I didn’t have the opportunity to join a yoga for women's health, prenatal or postpartum class. Nor, did I know any yoga therapist. So I attended group hatha classes and simply adapted asanas (postures) to make space for my belly for all 40 weeks of my pregnancy. Shortly after my C-section, I returned to my beloved yoga circle.

As a certified yoga therapist, I now know that was not ideal.

Ever since I became a yoga instructor, I have cautioned pregnant women about joining traditional group classes.  Leading sessions with up to 40 people in the room, there’s no way to know who is pregnant or in their postpartum months. In fact, those who are least obviously pregnant are the ones for whom yoga is most contraindicated. No one in their first trimester of pregnancy should practice yoga that is not specifically for pregnant people. Given the high risks during those early months, it’s important to only work with a certified yoga therapist, or attend sessions with certified pre-natal yoga instructors. Even savasana (final relaxation) and many breathing techniques are contraindicated during pregnancy. 

The truth is, that most yoga teachers have a cursory knowledge of what is appropriate during or after pregnancy.

My advanced yoga therapy training (C-IAYT) gave me a much better awareness and understanding to work with those on the path to parenthood. More recently, with my daughter’s pregnancy, I recognized the value of spot-on women’s fertility, and pre-natal and postpartum yoga led by experts in that arena. As a result, I searched thoroughly and was impressed with a group in Australia dedicated to women’s fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum needs. Given their expertise, I completed 120 continuing education hours with facilitators who are all yogis as well as midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, psychologists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, and Ayurvedic practitioners focused on women’s reproductive health.

Yoga for Women's Health is Complicated

mother and child yogaRecognizing the boundless needs on the road to conception, before and post-delivery, I now provide customized coaching to meet anyone’s personal needs. For example, there is a long laundry list of women’s issues that can affect conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and emotional wellness. 

Consider the following statistics among women of childbearing years:

  • Up to 77 percent will develop fibroids.
  • Fibroids are the number one reason for hysterectomy among perimenopausal women in the US.
  • A high 60-90 percent experience menstrual cramping.
  • One in four will experience excessive or prolonged bleeding.
  • Ten percent will have endometriosis, a common reason for chronic pelvic pain (CPP).
  • Another ten percent will suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Tailored Yoga for Women's Health

contemplative woman; yoga for women's healthThe good news is that yoga can have a positive impact on women with any of these conditions. 

To give women the special care that they deserve, I will be offering privates, group sessions, and on-demand workshops. Plus, I have crafted many themed sessions. All are available in English, o en espanol. 

Among them are the following:

    • Watering the Seed: Fertility support
    • Nurturing your Pea in the Pod: The first 12 weeks
    • Enjoying Your Changing Body: The second trimester
    • Getting Ready for the Home Run: The last trimester
    • Turn That Baby ‘Round: Last month, breech position
    • Belly Strength for Belly Births: post C-section, baby and me
    • Sing, Dance, and Play: Baby and me
    • You are Never Alone: Baby and me sharing and caring
    • Boosting Breastfeeding
    • Yoga for Women: Our non-linear cycles

Yoga for Women's Mind/Body Health

yoga for women's reproductive healthOf course, preparing for a new addition to your family is not just about the physical body. Special attention is also focused on the participants’ mindset and emotional and spiritual needs.

One study among med students with painful periods in India found that 82 percent of those following a yoga protocol reported complete stress relief. Nearly 90 percent reported complete pain relief. Meanwhile, in Brazil, women with endometriosis who practiced yoga for eight weeks significantly reduced levels of chronic pelvic pain and improved their quality of life.

For more information or to design sessions for your personal needs, contact me, browse my website, or see my upcoming events.

Somehow, in the I me mine world that we live, emotional and physical well being has escaped the vast majority. The Namaste Counsel encourages simple proven practices to live a healthier and happier life. Any time. Any where. By anyone.
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