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Enjoy a Hill
Country Getaway

Get close to nature, while you get grounded and get closer to your true self.

The Namaste Getaway tailor-makes mini-retreats in beautiful Wimberley, Texas, one of the best Hill Country getaway areas. The Namaste Getaway has a meditation labyrinth, a meditation treehouse, an outdoor yoga deck, an indoor yoga room, and space to walk and meditate on pristine lands with a creek. Plus, we have percussion instruments, perfect for personal play, drumming circles, fire or new moon ceremonies, kirtan or chanting, or to release creativity and inhibitions. Accommodations are available for up to 11 people in our Hill Country getaway.

The BarnOm. A private 720 sq-ft barndominium with high ceilings (images below) for one or two adults. Newly built, it features a loft sleeping area with a full-sized memory foam low-profile platform bed, a brand new bathroom, and a kitchen nook with a custom-made butcher block counter.

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Tienes un bellísimo lugar, en un bellísimo pueblo. Nosotros disfrutamos tanto y ustedes son tan dulces en el trato, que hacen sentir a la gente bienvenidos.

— GM, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Multiple options to meet your needs.

Book one bedroom and bathroom (queen bed and futon).
For two to five people, enjoy two bedrooms and one bathroom.
Enjoy 2 acres of beautiful Hill Country property, many amenities, and up to four bedrooms, when you book your Om Away from Home.
Disconnect in our BarnOm loft Barndominium.

Personalized Hill Country getaways for you, family, or friends (max 9 people).

DIY Meditation/The Write Getaway:
Participant can craft their own silent meditation or writing retreat. Vegetarian food served.

Chill Out:
Your choice for style and time of two hours/daily yoga, meditation, and/or breathwork. Come and go as you please. For additional modest fees, the host can escort you to nearby watering holes, art/antique shops, and prepare/serve food of your choice.

Deepen Your Practice:
Practice (Sadhana) two hours, each, of yoga and meditation a day. Enjoy vegetarian meals and learn about basic concepts of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic diet and routines.

Heal Thyself:
The Namaste Getaway is owned by a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) whose style is informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda along with contemporary holistic MDs. She can conduct a 90+ minute intake, and then create your own customized lifestyle protocol, and lead you in some of the movement, meditation or breathwork recommended in your plan. Minimum three-day stay recommended. Among the workshops she created is First Love Yourself.

Discover the Child Within:
Creativity is inherent in each one of us. The Namaste Getaway can craft art, music, Laughter Yoga, or movement workshops that are designed to release your inner child, and maximize your creative potential. Among signature workshop offerings are Chant and Be Happy, Laughter as Medicine, Gratitude with a Gong, and Breath of Life.

The Namaste Getaway is the perfect resting place for anyone who appreciates peace, holistic living, and nature. It is so quiet out on this land and you can see all the stars at night. My favorite was the beautiful backyard area, suitable for walking, relaxing, playing music or sitting around the fire. I highly recommend hosting a retreat or listing yourself a getaway at this space.

— JF, Miami

Somehow, in the I me mine world that we live, emotional and physical well being has escaped the vast majority. The Namaste Counsel encourages simple proven practices to live a healthier and happier life. Any time. Any where. By anyone.
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